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 My name is Danielle De Leon Guerrero and I served in the United States Air Force for 8 years. I am a mother of two children and a proud combat veteran. As a woman veteran there are certain unique challenges I have had to overcome to get to where I am today.

Along the way I wished I had a community of fellow women veterans to help me through those challenges.  After years of contemplating and making excuses I decided to be the change, so with my own money and time I have started an organization or rather a women’s veteran society called, HER (heroism, excellence and resilience).

HER is a Non-Profit 501c3 organization under the name Served Like HER, Inc. We serve the New Braunfels and surrounding areas to include San Antonio with the hope of serving more of my sisters in arms in the near future. My goal is to combat the challenges women veterans have experienced by offering camaraderie through community and providing resources through partnerships with other local veteran organizations or directly connecting each women veteran with the resources they need to thrive. 

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